sábado, enero 30, 2016

Get my Fanart book in my Gumroad page, for free!

fanart artbook sketcbook drawing illustration

Hello, here is my first product on Gumroad, a book with a recopilation of fan arts. You will find here my sketches, speedpaints, line arts, traditional and digital illustrations.

You can get it for FREE, or if you want, you can buy a version with extra material

Here is the link to the artbook with the details!:

lunes, enero 18, 2016

Zombie Warrior

zombie warrior horror illustration

Digital illustration of a zombie warrior, with weapons instead of hands, so he can smash, stab and eat...Enjoy!

miércoles, enero 06, 2016

My new Gumroad!!

fasslayer gumroad

Hello!, I just created a Gumroad page and soon I'll be uploading material:
So if you like my art and if you are interested, you can suscribe for more updates and so we can stay more in touch.

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