martes, diciembre 20, 2016

Doom girls

2 concepts of Doom girl, the first one a color commission, and second a lineart concept. I hope you like it!

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sábado, diciembre 03, 2016

Aioros of Sagittarius illustration

Digital illustration of Sagittarius golden saint Aioros , made in Photoshop.
If you want, you can find the full resolution file, pds and more in my GUMROAD page:


sábado, noviembre 12, 2016

Demon Witch

Digital illustration of a character. A sexy witch summoning demon with her blood. 

domingo, octubre 16, 2016

She Carnage

Female version of Carnage, color illustration commission. I hope you like it!

martes, septiembre 13, 2016

Sexy boxer

Digital illustration of a character. You can find a pack  files like higj res jpg, linearts, psd, etc, in my GUMROAD page

martes, julio 26, 2016

jueves, julio 14, 2016

martes, julio 05, 2016

Sailor Moon digital illustration

sailor moon

sailor moon

Digital illustration and digital lineart of Sailor Moon. I'm selling high res images and more in my Gumroad, you can check it here:

martes, mayo 24, 2016

martes, mayo 10, 2016

jueves, abril 28, 2016

Succubus and pet, digital illustration

Digital illustration of a sexy devil and her demon pet. Comment and tell me what do you think!

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miércoles, marzo 16, 2016

miércoles, marzo 09, 2016

Zombie attack, digital illustration

zombie monster digital illustration

Digital illustration of an evil zombie and the previous lineart version. Tell me what do you think. Greetings!

jueves, febrero 25, 2016

Head Collector monster, digital art and lineart

Digital illustration and lineart of a slasher monster. I'm selling full res illustration and more in my Gumroad page

The packs contain:

Head collector illustrations

- High res. JPG lineart 

- High res. JPG digital illustration

Head collector plus

- all above

- high res. JPG sketch

- JPG tutorial of the lineart, made in SAI

Head collector full

- all above

- layered PSD of the lineart

- layered SAI of the lineart

- layered PSD of the digital illustration

- 13:49 min. video tutorial of the lineart, in WMV 

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lunes, febrero 08, 2016

Monster gun

Digital illustration of a girl with a gun/monster in a sci-fi environment, I hope you like it.

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sábado, enero 30, 2016

Get my Fanart book in my Gumroad page, for free!

fanart artbook sketcbook drawing illustration

Hello, here is my first product on Gumroad, a book with a recopilation of fan arts. You will find here my sketches, speedpaints, line arts, traditional and digital illustrations.

You can get it for FREE, or if you want, you can buy a version with extra material

Here is the link to the artbook with the details!:

lunes, enero 18, 2016

Zombie Warrior

zombie warrior horror illustration

Digital illustration of a zombie warrior, with weapons instead of hands, so he can smash, stab and eat...Enjoy!

miércoles, enero 06, 2016

My new Gumroad!!

fasslayer gumroad

Hello!, I just created a Gumroad page and soon I'll be uploading material:
So if you like my art and if you are interested, you can suscribe for more updates and so we can stay more in touch.

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