jueves, octubre 08, 2015

lunes, octubre 05, 2015

Post apocalyptic characters and vehicles, concepts and videos

Digital thumbnails of post apocalyptic characters and vehicles, like Mad Max ...or Hokuto no Ken, Illustration and video of the process. Enjoy!

jueves, agosto 20, 2015

Barbarianna - Lineart and video

Fan art of Barbarianna, from the great movie Kung Fury...I'm really crazy for that movie, I love it!. If for some reason you have not seen the movie yet, here is the link:

lunes, agosto 10, 2015

miércoles, julio 29, 2015

Patreon gun girls, illustrations and video

I made a set of 4 illustrations for my pledge panel in my Patreon webpage. Digital drawing in Sai and Photoshop. Enjoy!

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