martes, mayo 28, 2013

digital illustration artbook

here is a new artbook of illustrations. This time a recopilation of digital speedpaints, you can see it next:

you can see all my other books here!:

viernes, mayo 24, 2013

vampires struggling

                              lineart of 2 sexy vampires strugging, maybe with sexy results XD. Enjoy!

miércoles, mayo 22, 2013

viernes, mayo 17, 2013

miércoles, mayo 15, 2013

butcher girl

Ironic post, a digital illustration of a butcher, with chunks and bloody stuffs, and today  I turned one year being a vegetarian. Have a nice day!

jueves, mayo 09, 2013

agent cannon

....i just name her for the upload of the post....XD . digital illustration, trying new techniques

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lunes, mayo 06, 2013

ninja girl on watercolors

traditional illustration of a ninja girl qith sun glasses. Check the lineart here! and tell me wich version you preffer. Enjoy!

viernes, mayo 03, 2013

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