sábado, octubre 27, 2012

Traditional fan art of Samus

samus metroid fanart

i like Samus, she is hot.....her armor?, not so much. Illustration painted with watercolors.

jueves, octubre 25, 2012

Yoshi fan art

yoshi digital fanart

i wanted to do a quick fan art painting...so i asked to my brother what to do and he says Yoshi, the slave friend of Mario and Luigi...and here is Yoshi enjoy!

lunes, octubre 15, 2012

Horror fan arts, Freddy and Pin head

freddy kruegger fan art

pinhead hellraiser fanart

Classic movie monsters, Freddy Krueger and pin head (one of my favorites), from Hellraiser. Talkng about movies, i'm doing an artbook of movies illustrations...i hope to finish it soon so i can upload it. For now just this 2 guys

miércoles, octubre 10, 2012

two illustrations of scary and evil monsters

In the firts monster i tried to make it very deformed so you can get very scary, and the second is a digital version of  and old creature of mine, the titan monster.



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sábado, octubre 06, 2012


hellstar remina fan art

Horror fan art illustration of one of my favorite mangas ever...and my personal favorite of Junji Ito, Hellstar Remina.
The manga is about an astronomer who discovers a planet... like a comet or something and put the name of his daughter. She got very famous by the discover, but soon they realize that the star is comming very fast to the earth, and when the object eats Pluto everybody freaks out. If you want to know what happens next you must read it, is awesome!!
I got an account in behance, so come and visit me (just have 1 art...but i'm gona have more) and if you have an account , add me!--->  http://www.behance.net/fasslayer

martes, octubre 02, 2012

2 ultra manly shonen fan arts

kujo jotaro jojo watercolor

kenshiro hokuto no ken watercolor

2 great characters painted with watercolors, Kujo Jotaro From JOJO's bizarre adventure and Kenshiro from  Hokuto no ken. I think this two tough guys are very similar in personality and fisically, you know....very serious and don't open the mouth in the manga when they are talking...

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