sábado, septiembre 29, 2012

secretary witch speedpainting video

secretary witch digital illustration

another speedpaint of one of my beauuuutiful OCs . This time an illustration of the secretary witch...my girlfriend says it looks more like a teacher.....wathever XD...enjoy!

viernes, septiembre 28, 2012

miércoles, septiembre 26, 2012



A monster illustration painted in digital media. This is a remake of an old 2007 version, to se how i have improve and for a deviantart contest, you can check it here:


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lunes, septiembre 24, 2012

zombie machine girl - the grenade launcher

zombie grenade launcher girl

Traditional illustration of one of my zombie machine girls, this one  has grenades, enjoy!

by the way  i have a new account in pinterest , you can come and see my pins here, and add me if you have an account too ^^

jueves, septiembre 20, 2012

The zombie demon

A monster illustration, this time a demon/zombie with a hell background.


I have updated my portfolio , you can watch it here ----> http://portfolio.fasslayer.com/ , here are my best works of illustrations and commissions

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domingo, septiembre 16, 2012

The wheel zombie and Mantis monster

my classic zombie with wheels , and horns. And the mantis monster ...a mantis because are lethal animals and scares me XD. 

add me to facebook ----> http://www.facebook.com/FASSLAYER

or  twitter  ---> https://twitter.com/FASSLAYER  , you can got my updates via twitter pero en general hago agudos comentarios en español

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martes, septiembre 11, 2012

Two illustrations of monsters

Digital lineart and painted with patterns. I need to get better and quick, so i'm starting to do more speedpaint, i hope to ulpload soon.

...aaand i have updated my tags

....visit my pages!!!!!!!!!!


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jueves, septiembre 06, 2012

miércoles, septiembre 05, 2012

3 color characters commissions

3 color characters commission:

  • Sheena and Lucia
  • Dwarf and Dark Elf 
  • Karina and Kylene


I just have updated my portafolio with url and all come and see it:


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sábado, septiembre 01, 2012

Jpg Illustrations for sale


Hello, i'm selling some artwork. A pack of six jpg illustrations painted with watercolors, full size, only for $ 2.50 USD. If you want to buy, just click here and you will be redirect to the purchase via paypal, after the payment i'll send you a mail with the download link.

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