lunes, enero 23, 2012

Horror Fanart of IT

This horror illustration is one of the creepiest i ever made, a fanart of the movie IT fo Stephen King, i got really scared when a saw it as a child of 9 years (in this days is not so scary .__.).

Is a watercolor of 13x17 inches and nobody like it because is too scary. I have the portrait in the wall of my bed and my girlfriend make me remove it, then i put it in the living room and she got scared when she went to the bathroom in the night. So the painting was relegate to the guest room... and the guests got scared , so the final destination of this beautiful piece of horror art is facing at the wall of the guests room. This poor clown, should be a happy clown, and i would put it right through the entrance door, joining my mutilated nun , so everyone coming in can get scared.

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