martes, enero 31, 2012

a melted monster and a zombie mime

horror art made on traditional painting. in the firts monster i was trying to improve the blue on backgrounds....i didn't like it. The second is a zombie mime, more dangerous than a traditional zombie because is silent, so you walk happy in the street and then , bam! you get a silent bite in the nose 

i have been drawing a lot of sketchs, (mostly girls and horror art) but i don't know how to finish so many drawings, i guess i'm gona pick my favorites


arte de terror hecho en medio tradicional. En el primero trate de improvisar usando color azul en el me gustó. El segundo es un mimo zombie, que es mas peligroso que un zombie normal, porque es silencioso , asi que puedes caminar feliz por la calle y entonces  paf!, te dan una mordida silenciosa en la nariz.

He estado dibujando bastantes sketchs,(sobretodo chicas y cosas de horror) pero no se como terminar tanto dibujo, supongo que elegire mis favoritos

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domingo, enero 29, 2012

Death Witch

Here is the traditional painting version of this witch girl. I have uploaded 2 more version of this art, the digital painting with pattens and the lineart with pencil made long time ago. The traditional painting is made with something called walnut extract, is like a dust, mixed with water and you get a brown paint. Enjoy!


Aqui esta la version pintada tradicionalmente de esta chica bruja. Ademas he subido otras 2 versiones de esta ilustración, una dibujada digitalmente y pintada con patrones y el lineart hecho a mano hace bastante tiempo. La pintura en tradicional esta hecha con extracto de nogal, que es como un polvo, que se mezcla con agua y queda una aguada cafe. saludos!



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lunes, enero 23, 2012

Horror Fanart of IT

This horror illustration is one of the creepiest i ever made, a fanart of the movie IT fo Stephen King, i got really scared when a saw it as a child of 9 years (in this days is not so scary .__.).

Is a watercolor of 13x17 inches and nobody like it because is too scary. I have the portrait in the wall of my bed and my girlfriend make me remove it, then i put it in the living room and she got scared when she went to the bathroom in the night. So the painting was relegate to the guest room... and the guests got scared , so the final destination of this beautiful piece of horror art is facing at the wall of the guests room. This poor clown, should be a happy clown, and i would put it right through the entrance door, joining my mutilated nun , so everyone coming in can get scared.

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sábado, enero 21, 2012

Portrait of a monster

Another horror art made on digital drawing and painted with patterns. Some people from deviantart told me that this monster looks like the monster from the game Amnesia. When i draw this Monster i never knew about this game, just a lot of time later i looked some videos of the game and i think is one of the creepiest game ever, although i never played it. Not because i'm a coward (maybe a little XD), just because i have no time for video games, i preffer to draw, so enjoy because i'm still updating with horror art

You can see more monsters of mine here

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lunes, enero 16, 2012

pins monster

i love this monster, because is perfect for a terror movie or game. I can imagine a dark place and hear the clang clang clang of the monster, every time more close , and then some awful scream of the monster ....and the end is heads rolling or someting like that. I made this illustration in digital lineart and some patterns... Enjoy!!



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domingo, enero 15, 2012




my beautiful girlfriend asked me for a ID in her deviantart page . she only want in the illustration butterfly wings.



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sábado, enero 14, 2012

The woman with the eye in the hand

some people have the ability to see with they hands ...this girl literaly have an eye in the hand. The question in the illustration is what she have in the other hand? .

this piece of art is and old lineart painted in watercolor, enjoy!


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viernes, enero 13, 2012

Titan Monster

another of my creations made on lineart, updated from a traditional lineart on paper to a digital lineart and patterns. i like this monster because has no face if a saw cut the face off...and that with a lot of muscles and pins as fingers ...the perfect bodyguard...enjoy!



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jueves, enero 12, 2012

boxing girls comic

comic comission for , of his two beautiful girl , Elizabeth and Kaminari. Just Starting the fight. Boxing is very cool sport...i like it maybe because i'm a big fan of Joe Yabuki  (manga and anime...not live action, live action sucks XD) . Also is very cool watch girls fighting, so enjoy!


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domingo, enero 08, 2012

un par de imagenes 3d

Actualizando este blog con 2 imagenes de colaboracion para proyectos de mi hermano, la primera una imagen bastante antigua de una casa y la segunda mas reciente de un espacio urbano. 

Acabo de linkear este blog a mi wordpress de ilustraciones ---->

lunes, enero 02, 2012

Prehistoric Girls Fight

comission for  sublime savagery . This is a sample of a set of 15 illustrations of this prehistoric hot girls fighting. I always enjoy this kind of comissions. 

another comissions for sublime savagery:

boxing girls 



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domingo, enero 01, 2012

Monster with jaws hands

the first illustration of the year, a concept for maybe a terror game (if some terror game want to buy it XD). This mosnter can smile 3 time at once and eat 3 time at once.

i hope to draw a lot of monsters this new year. Last year i made 1 post every 3 days...i think that is a i hope to make a lot this year too. i hope to improve my art and drawings skills and get more visits...and talk a litlle more XD. Enjoy!



por la banderitas que llevo siguen siendo los chilenos los que mas me visitan (supongo). Mi primera ilustracion del año, concepto de monstruo tal vez para un juego de terror (si es que algun juego de terror lo quiere comprar XD). Este monstruo puede sonreir 3 veces al mismo tiempo y comer 3 veces al mismo tiempo.



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